The owner

Jean-Marc Durand 
30 years of industrial expertise

Created Atyca Management to share experience, guide companies through Lean Transformation and implementation.

Best practices in Change Management for strategic enterprise transformation such as Strategy development & deployment, Lean in Design including NPI, Lean in Finance, Distribution and Operations.

Previous Experience as Executive

VP Operations - API Portescap, a Swiss group owns by Danaher.
Director Logistic Division - Nivarox (Swatch Group)
Plant Management Director - Sokymat SA
Business system development - Silicon Graphics
Hardware & Software development - Zumbach
Product & Portfolio Mgr – Zumbach
Liberalization of telecommunications market – Swisscom
Technology transfer - Honeywell

Education / Professional Development

Engineer – Diploma in Microtechnique ETS
Leadership Development Program SGI
Trained by Shingi Jitsu in Lean Techniques
Auditor in QS Systems
Diverses Diploma  in Software development & InformationTechnologies